Bradley Wynne


A showcase from the Way-Back-When and the Come-What-May.

Fictional narratives in fact and in thought.


The House on Canal Embankment, St PetersburgWagga Beach            



Orbits of the MoonUnder the harsh rule of the Intend√¶nce, Peter's fellow pirate radio announcers play with fire and he must choose between political and moral corruption to save them. 

Genres: Literary fiction/thriller. 70,000 words (trilogy: 258,000 words).



Some words we are destined to forget until required to relive them: Vaporetto, Farang, Cajun, Winter; travel words. Sometimes we hear of special words but never know them. Here are words with which to invoke memory, someone says; and these will win us love or intimacy. Greetings, you say, these whispered sounds will unlock my soul, if you want. Some, the keys to anguish, we dare not speak. And on other words we place far too great a burden. For example,  Hello, I am Danny Ebling. Is it reasonable to expect so few words to do so much work?