Bradley Wynne


A showcase from the Way-Back-When and the Come-What-May.

Fictional narratives in fact and in thought.


TThe Tarnished PilgrimIgor Saktor            



The Tarnished PilgrimIn the battle against evil, which weapon should you choose: faith or magic?

Genre: Quest/military fantasy. 225,000 words. *



A screech from without penetrated the cathedral and as one, the witnesses filed quickly from the four gates of heaven to see what had caused such distress. In truth, all needed to be away from that place for was it not also a deep sin to witness a blasphemy as to enact it? The lock against magic had been broken, that was the dreadful truth of it, and no deed could deny what would follow. They needed the comfort of their homes and loved ones, and quclkly, to await another Wresting, another end of the world.